Magic: The Gathering Encyclopedia

This is an offline Magic: The Gathering app I started writing for the Android OS.  I wanted to have all the card information stored offline in order to preserve the battery life of the phone and only go online to download an image of the card.  If no internet connection was present, it would still be possible to view the text of the card for informational purposes.


I thought about creating when hearing about my friend (who has an iPhone) say that when he uses the internet, it drastically shortens the battery life of his phone.  At the time, I didn’t have an internet-capable phone so I couldn’t test whether it was the iPhone that lost battery life quickly, or happens to all phones to some degree when accessing the internet.


  • Offline card information
  • Filterable card lists to find cards quickly
  • Select up to 6 sets to display at once (limited for scrollability, while being able to display most of Type 2 sets)
  • Fixed portrait orientation to maintain card-likeness
  • Cached loading/settings (prevents having to re-load sets when the app is closed/rotated)
  • Loading Notifications (notifies you if cards are still loading when in Database mode, and when cards have finished loading no matter what mode you’re in)

Development Status: Inactive


Magic-debug – Zipped android application (unable to upload direct APK file).