Recent Updates

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve had any sort of update whatsoever. Main reason is I got a new job as a Software Developer. Finally!


I’ve been learning Grails and AngularJS, and after having done extensive work for almost a year with primarily AngularJS, I’ve decided to re-write my Magic the Gathering webapp as well as my Diablo 3 character sheet (in addition to including more features in it). AngularJS’s two-way databinding makes things SOOO much easier.


And I’ve also started a new project: a chrome app to be able to control Philips Hue (and, if feasible by myself, other compatible products).


So, updates may not come that frequently, but they’re happening behind the scenes. I’ll likely post another update once I reach some sort of milestone with one of my projects.



Diablo 3 Character Sheet

Development Status: Stable – Beta

Click here for the Change Log (NYI).

Click here for a list of planned features / work remaining (NYI).

Click here to go to the web app.

Main Features:

  • Pure HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript web application
  • Permalink to specific characters
  • Item hover details
  • In-game details window
  • Link to skill calculator / official profile
  • Click stat to highlight gear that has it

Development Notes:

I wasn’t too impressed with the “live” character profile (specifically the lack of details), so I decided to try making my own. The official API is broken for the most part (no ETA on when it’s fixed, seems like a low priority), so I’m trying getting the stats from both the API and from the gear itself…but it’s only as accurate as what’s reported.