Magic: The Gathering Web App – Planned Features

Planned Features / Remaining Work:


  • Option to list which counters to track
    Deck Settings:
  • Add/Remove Cards from Deck
  • Analyze Deck
    Deck Footer:
  • Frequent Rules
    Card Lookup:
  • Hide/Show option w/o keyboard popping up
  • Swipe up / down to move up and down the list
  • Swipe left / right to cycle through different prints
  • Finish applying styles to all pages
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  2. Looks like mtgapi is now blocking cross-domain requests too. I can’t search for cards because of this. Otherwise, nice app! This is exactly what I’ve been trying to do 🙂

  3. Do you have any error messages (like from the chrome developer console or http error code)?

    I just tried it from my computer and my phone (both using google chrome) and it worked for me.

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