Bradley Mize

IT Technician


Self-motivated, goal-oriented, and always looking to learn something new. Quick to learn, to apply knowledge and critical thinking skills to real world problems. Communicates quickly and effectively to technical and nontechnical individuals in a way both parties can understand.


  • PHP
  • MySQL / SQL / Oracle
  • Java
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 / Bootstrap
  • jQuery / jQuery Mobile
  • JavaScript



Medication Reminder Web App (under development)

  • Leverages jQuery Mobile / jQuery UI for structure
  • Re-purposed jQuery UI’s Datepicker as an event calendar
  • Extended functionality of jQuery Mobile Listview to accommodate more data in less space
  • AJAX populated autocomplete for commonly prescribed medications
  • Persistence with HTML5 localstorage


Magic: The Gathering Web App

  • Self-taught CSS3, jQuery / javascript, jQuery Mobile
  • Utilizes AJAX to decrease initial loading time
  • Leverages page caching and HTML5’s localstorage for moderate offline usability
  • Cross-browser, desktop and mobile compatible


Magic: The Gathering Android App (depreciated)

  • Self-taught Android Development using Eclipse
  • Utilized HTML data-mining to retrieve information on
    the ~12,000 cards
  • Researched Android GUI to develop customized
    interface to present the data more intuitively


Multi-computer Remote Control

  • Sends keystrokes and mouse events from single server to all connected clients, reducing time to update computers by +75%
  • Self-taught Java network serialization (OutputStreams / RMI)
  • Utilized Iterative & Incremental development model
  • Client-Server design with unlimited clients (limited by hardware); Platform independent
  • Command-line parameters to allow for dynamic server execution


Project Euler Problems

  • Applied fundamental Computer Science, Mathematical and general Problem Solving skills to solve problems
  • Discovered techniques to solve brute-force impossible problems
  • Learned best practices to avoid memory/time leaks when dealing with large amounts of data


BS, Computer Science – Pacific Lutheran University 2007

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